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Agripolis sets and runs urban farms dedicated to production vegetables, fruits and flowers with a highly productive technique. Products are delivered on site to clients like companies or supermarkets.

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Créée le 14/03/2010

Bim Bim Go

BimBimGo: your everyday lunch or dinner cooked by a French Chef and delivered in less than 10min!

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Créée le 09/09/2015


CitizenFarm offers a credible alternative to the current food model. We use aquaponics to produce in a healthy, local and impacting way. To do so, we create urban and pedagogical.

#UrbanFarm #Local #Traceability
Créée le 27/07/2014

Clear Karma

“Clear” stands for ‘transparent’ and “Karma” for ‘responsible action’. Clear Karma is an interactive food label for restaurants: Food allergies? Special diet needs (vegetarian, diabetes, Kosher…)? Enjoy eating out and make safer food choices!

Créée le 21/06/2012


Datagram uses advanced technologies to extract and process raw data from across the web and turn it into valuable information.  Brands can drive their e-commerce strategy by optimizing their positioning, the conformity of their content and compliance with their pricing policy.

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Créée le 14/03/2013


Digifood is a web and mobile app that creates a new sales channel for all restaurant owners in high-traffic locations such as stadiums.

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Créée le 13/11/2014


A temp worker for tonight? A recruitment for tomorrow?
Extracadabra is the HR one-stop shop for restaurants & hotels : find in 3 minutes the perfect waiter, bartender, cook etc.. Moreover, we can manage the administrative work for you!

Créée le 28/09/2015


GoodMix is a turnkey personalized health prevention digital platform at the service of well-being. Starting from the individual nutritional and sports constraints, GoodMix recommends adapted and varied recipes, advice on nutrition and physical activity, follow-up and workshops.

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Créée le 31/05/2016


Gula is the first delivery service for Healthy Snacks in Continental Europe. Each month we deliver to our customers a hand-picked selection of snacks composed of nuts, seeds and dried fruits based on their needs and tastes !

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Créée le 31/12/2014


JIMINI’s is born with a main idea: introduce insects into Europeans’ plates. They have diferent ranges of edible insect based products. Whole insects ready-to-eat for the appetizer, energy bars made with dried fruits, cricket flour and almonds, but also insect pastas and granola.

#Smart Food #Innovation #Insects #Agri food
Créée le 08/10/2012

Le Food Market

The Food Market is the first market-canteen in the streets of Paris. Twice a month, it brings together around twenty restaurateurs who share the love of good food and offer specialties for less than 10 €, made with fresh products, to be enjoyed together on large tables.


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Créée le 05/01/2016

Les Cuistots Migrateurs

We are the very first caterer to employ refugee cooks. Discover our cocktails, buffets and lunch boxes from Syria, Iran, Chechenia, Nepal and Ethiopia and travel through our cuisines. Order from us for events up to 1000 people and impress your guests with an offer 100% new, 100% authentic.

#Smart Food #Social Business #Caterer #Refuge #Homemade

Nos Grands-mères ont du Talent


NGMODT is a takeaway brand that promotes the employment of people over 50 years. We bring up to date dishes as well as our grandmothers did and we sell them in areas of strong flows.

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Créée le 09/11/2014


PHENIX helps professionals reducing waste by raising the potential of their waste. PEHNIX weaves circular economies around its clients thanks to innovative digital applications and 24h/7d operational support.

Créée le 27/04/2014

Prêt à Pousser

Grow your own food at home with Prêt à Pousser mushrooms kits and smart gardens.

#Smart Food #Agriculture urbaine #IoT #Aromates #Mushrooms
Créée le 24/03/2013

Snack and Co

Snack and Co is the first concept of smart automated restoration in the French market. Restoration: provide complete and balanced meals with hot dishes. Automated: autonomous space 24h / 7days, Automatisé : espace autonome 24h/7jrs. Intelligent: connected automatic vending, real time monitoring and user tracking.

#Smart Food #Restoration #Automated #B2B
Créée le 30/04/2013

Too Good To Go France

Too Good To Go fight foodwaste by connecting food handlers and app users to collect their food surplus at the end of the day. The shops do not throw away and get new customers and the users enjoy cheap and good food while saving the environment.

#Smart Food #Foodwaste #win-win #Application #Environment
Créée le 02/06/2016