Our incubated startups

Promotion 2018


Aveine develops tools for professionals and amateurs to improve their wine tasting. The first tool is a digitally connected wine aerator that aerates wine instantly depending on the wine.

#IoT #Wine #OpenWineOpenMind
Créée le 21/07/2016 http://www.aveine.paris


Barratio is the link between your POS and your accountant.
Our promise: Complete your administrative tasks, with a snapshot! From purchases to controls, everything is fully automated, so you can make the right decisions at the right time!

#CHR #management #accounting #scan #ratio
Créée le 05/01/2016 https://www.barratio.fr


Gallimaté, the first range of 100% natural drinks made from Mate. Low calorie, they restore all the benefits of mate (vitamins, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants) in subtle and light drinks.


#Drink #Energy #Natural #MadeInFrance #B2B
Créée le 30/05/2017 http://www.gallimate.fr


Jubiles provides innovative drinks from fresh, organic and fair trade products. Discover the kombucha, a finely sparkling drink from the fermentation of tea, selled in a French biodegradable packaging.

Créée le 19/07/2017 http://jubiles.bio/


We offer an online B2B tool that facilitates distribution of local products, made by artisans and small producers. We facilitate all aspects of purchasing management from order taking to online payment management, and soon logistics ...

#FoodTech #Local #Proximity #Catering
Créée le 14/03/2018 http://www.kimayo.com

Le Paysan Urbain Grand Paris

Le Paysan Urbain build up an agro-ecological and sustainable urban farming model based on microgreens crops, employing people with social and professional difficulties and successfully anchored in his local territory with educational animations and participatories workshops 

#AgricultureUrbaine, #Micropousses, #insertion, #EcologieUrbaine, #local
Créée le 21/06/2017 http://labellepousse.fr

Papilles & Mamies

Papilles & Mamies, it's delighting your grandparents' taste buds at home! We cook tasty meals for every day, take the time to share a friendly moment, and we accompany them in the small difficulties of everyday life.


#Cuisine #Plaisir #Proximité #SilverEconomy
Créée le 04/06/2018 https://papillesetmamies.fr/

Raisin : natural wine app

Raisin is the only app dedicated to natural wine allowing you to share, find and enjoy natural wine, anywhere! It connects natural wine lovers with over 580 winemakers, showcases more than 20,000 wines and recommends over 2,500 places (bars, shops, restaurants) throughout the world.

Créée le 31/12/2016 https://www.raisin.digital

Promotion 2017


The APPETIA app is the first personal assistant for everyday’s cooking. Its intelligent algorithm answers the question « What do we cook tonight ? » within a few clicks. It suggests customized recipes to each user, based on his tastes, nutritional preferences, available cooking tools and moment inspiration.



Aeromate is an urban agriculture start-up based in Paris and created in 2017 by three ingeneers. Aeromate cultivates aromatics, edible flowers and micro-greens in the city center. The plants are collected on order and immediately delivered to preserve freshness and taste.

Créée le 10/01/2017 http://aeromate.paris/

C'est Frais

C'est Frais is a geolocalized online shopping platform which allows you to choose among a set of products from local merchants (Green grocer, butcher, cheese monger, delicatessen...)

#Local #Delivery
Créée le 13/04/2016 http://cestfrais.fr/

Emergence Concepts

Emergence concepts assists food-Entrepreneurs and offers the first personal assistant for restaurant owners: Emerg&Cie.

Combining artificial intelligence and human assistant know-how, Emerg&Cie is a unique digital concierge service available 24/7.

#Restoration #Support #Hybrid #IA

French Cocotte

French Cocotte offers cooking course kits to learn how to cook healthy at home. Each kit, designed around a seasonable topic, contains 3 surprising ingrédients + 1 hand tool + 1 recipes and nutrition book, allowing easy cooking progress.

Créée le 26/02/2015 frenchcocotte.com


Our tasty cereal-based meal-shakes propose a nutritionally complete solution at any time of the day (breakfast, snacks, meals). All ready within the time of a blink ;) With our products, sportive people can eat healthily and quickly. We offer 6 flavors, sweet or salty, to maximize the pleasure.

#Nutrition #Plaisir #Praticité
Créée le 06/04/2016 https://www.smeal.fr/


Tassiopée is a French start-up that makes edible containers. The first range of products is based on the concept of a delicious and natural biscuit in the form of a cup, with an inside chocolate coating. The cup resists to heat and humidity and is perfect to serve hot drinks.

#Gourmand #ludique #écoresponsable
Créée le 16/03/2016 http://www.tassiopee.com/

Promotion 2016


Algama is tackling the global food challenge by offering healthy, tasty and sustainable food, harnessing the unique potential of microalgae.

#Smart Food #Microalga #Healthy Food
Créée le 26/11/2013 http://www.algama.fr


Bloomizon contributes to your daily well-being through a tailor-made vitamin program. Our algorithm calculates your personal nutritional needs according to your physiology, lifestyle, environment and diet. You are in great shape, healthier and have more organic energy every day.

#Smart Food #Nutrition #Vitamines #Bien-être #Application
Créée le 06/10/2013 http://bloomizon.com



FoodMeUp is the first SaaS tool that allows professionals in the restoration business to manage their sourcing, production and supply.


#Smart Food #IoT #Recettes #Data #API
Créée le 30/05/2014 http://www.foodmeup.io


Zelty is a suite of connected solutions that allows independent restaurateurs and franchise networks to digitize their points of sale from order taking to production and management.

#Gestion #E-Commerce #POS
Créée le 16/02/2015 https://zelty.fr/