Domitille Dezobry

Head of Smart Food Paris

Background : some finance, pastries, Australia and a pinch of enthusiasm

Mantra : « An otimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty » - Winston Churchill

Food whim : always looking for opportunities to surprise my taste buds ; I have a phobia of the already-tasted!



Pauline Fauque

Incubation Project Manager

Background : event communication, field team management, customer satisfaction, travels and fun

Mantra : « Only those who dare to fail greatly can avec achieve greatly » - Robert Kennedy

Food whim : to go eat in a small greasy spoon ; this is one of the best ways to be surprised



Pauline Fauque

éléonore chambre

Events and Communication Manager

Background : marketing and communication, innovative project management, sustainable food and a lot of greediness

Mantra : « The best way to predict the future is to create it » - Peter Drucker

Food whim : cookbooks and medialunas (butter croissants filled with milk jam)



Photo Elonore Chambre

Annie Salmon

Operations Manager

Background : human resources, business development and administrative tasks

Mantra : « If there is a solution to the problem, there is no need to worry. If there is no solution to the problem, there is no help in worrying about it» - Buddha

Food whim : rediscovering the taste of my grandmother’s rice pudding



Annie Salmon

Natacha Rollinde

PhD Student / Project Manager

Background : sociology, economy and urbanism, independent retailers, field studies and research

Mantra : « Age doesn’t matter, unless you’re cheese » - Billie Burke (ed. : or a wine, or an old pot where you would do the best jam)

Food whim : the podcast « On va déguster », cheese, and hazelnut biscuits dipped in milk



Natacha Rollinde