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Atelier Sarrasin

Atelier Sarrasin specializes in the processing of French and organic buckwheat products. Atelier Sarrasin is not only an organic company, but also a company committed to a continuous process of progress on the challenges of sustainable development.

Créée le 21/11/2014 http://www.ateliersarrasin.com/

Casa Veg'

Casa Vag' offers "The Ready to Cook": all your meal in a glass jar. All the ingredients are organic, ultra fresh, fruits and vegetables are reay-to-use : all you have left is the pleasure of simmering by inventing your recipes or by picking them from their site!

Créée le 15/10/2019 https://casa-veg.com/

Meet My Mama

Meet My Mama is a social enterprise that detects and values the culinary talents of immigrants or refugees women. Through a culinary training school and a catering service for companies, Meet My Mama helps them to live from their cooking know-how and promotes a multicultural vision of the French society.


Créée le 11/12/2017 https://www.meetmymama.com/

My chef is smart

My Chef Is Smart offers meals adapted to individual's nutritional needs. Our dishes are prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients and then kept dry in order to preserve long-lasting taste. A cost-effective and ready-to-use solution for healthcare institutions, hotels and accommodation facilities ... or any company looking for a new catering offer!

Créée le 09/03/2020 https://mychefissmart.com/

Planctonid Environnement

Planctonid Environnement is a company specialized in the cultivation of micro-algae at industrial scale. Our biotechnology allow us to clean wastewater and to fix CO2 emission while harvesting a micro-algae biomass with many high-value applications.



Péligourmet is an online short supply chain that allows to shop directly to producers and craftsmen, and to be delivered to point relais or at home.

Créée le 18/08/2016 peligourmet.com

Wuji & Co

Wuji and Co supports companies and laboratories in the development of new food products. We have developed a process for manufacturing and preserving nutritional food preparations from raw food. Thanks to the use of sustainable resources and the deployment of new technologies, we support innovation in a sustainable way.


Créée le 02/03/2016 https://www.wujiandco.com/



Elmut is a premium pet food brand that delivers healthy, fresh and perfectly portioned meals for dog

Créée le 30/01/2018 https://www.elmut.fr/


At GOOT we focus on helping to digitalise the procurement for HeReCa. We provide API and apps to the wholesalers, brands or suppliers synchronise theirs ERPs, CRM and end users.

Créée le 13/07/2014 https://www.goot.fr/

Meal Canteen

Meal Canteen is a predictive tool for collective catering that will allow kitchens to know, in advance, the affluence and the guests choices by a reservation system that will be found on mobile and PC. Thus kitchens will come out of the fridges only that will be really consumed.

#SMARTFOOD # institutionalcatering #antiwastage
Créée le 18/01/2016 https://www.mealcanteen.fr/

Promotion 2018


Aveine develops tools for professionals and amateurs to improve their wine tasting. The first tool is a digitally connected wine aerator that aerates wine instantly depending on the wine.

#SMARTFOOD #IoT #Wine #OpenWineOpenMind
Créée le 21/07/2016 http://www.aveine.paris


We offer an online B2B tool that facilitates distribution of local products, made by artisans and small producers. We facilitate all aspects of purchasing management from order taking to online payment management, and soon logistics ...

#SMARTFOOD #FoodTech #Local #Proximity #Catering
Créée le 14/03/2018 http://www.kimayo.com

Promotion 2017

Emergence Concepts

Emergence concepts assists food-Entrepreneurs and offers the first personal assistant for restaurant owners: Emerg&Cie.

Combining artificial intelligence and human assistant know-how, Emerg&Cie is a unique digital concierge service available 24/7.

#SMARTFOOD #Restoration #Support #Hybrid #IA


Tassiopée is a French start-up that makes edible containers. The first range of products is based on the concept of a delicious and natural biscuit in the form of a cup, with an inside chocolate coating. The cup resists to heat and humidity and is perfect to serve hot drinks.

#SMARTFOOD #Gourmand #playful #environmentallyfriendly
Créée le 16/03/2016 http://www.tassiopee.com/