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Aeromate is an urban agriculture start-up based in Paris and created in 2017 by three ingeneers. Aeromate cultivates aromatics, edible flowers and micro-greens in the city center. The plants are collected on order and immediately delivered to preserve freshness and taste.

#SMARTFOOD #urbanagriculture
Créée le 10/01/2017


Agripolis sets and runs urban farms dedicated to production vegetables, fruits and flowers with a highly productive technique. Products are delivered on site to clients like companies or supermarkets.

#Smart Food #Urban Farm #Local
Créée le 14/03/2010


Algama is tackling the global food challenge by offering healthy, tasty and sustainable food, harnessing the unique potential of microalgae.

#SmartFood #Microalga #Healthy Food
Créée le 26/11/2013


The APPETIA app is the first personal assistant for everyday’s cooking. Its intelligent algorithm answers the question « What do we cook tonight ? » within a few clicks. It suggests customized recipes to each user, based on his tastes, nutritional preferences, available cooking tools and moment inspiration.


Atelier Jus

Atelier Jus is the first organic cold pressed juice producer based in Paris whose approach is entirely environmentally friendly. 
 Our organic fruits and vegetables are processed using the cold press technique and our biodegradable bottles are made from vegetable matter. Then, our production residue is recycled for permaculture and soil mulching in urban areas, creating a zero waste circuit.

#B2C #Healthy #Eco-Friendly
Créée le 12/04/2017

Au Royaume des Dattes

Au Royaume Des Dattes is a biotechnology company specialized in Circular Economy and Zero Waste. Au Royaume des Dattes want to bring up to date the date and its nutritional benefits through healthy and innovative products.



Barratio is the link between your POS and your accountant.
Our promise: Complete your administrative tasks, with a snapshot! From purchases to controls, everything is fully automated, so you can make the right decisions at the right time!

#SMARTFOOD #CHR #management #accounting #scan #ratio
Créée le 05/01/2016

Bim Bim Go

BimBimGo: your everyday lunch or dinner cooked by a French Chef and delivered in less than 10min!

#Smart Food #Production #Livraison #CampusEtudiants #BienManger
Créée le 09/09/2015


Bloomizon contributes to your daily well-being through a tailor-made vitamin program. Our algorithm calculates your personal nutritional needs according to your physiology, lifestyle, environment and diet. You are in great shape, healthier and have more organic energy every day.

#SmartFood #Nutrition #Vitamines #Bien-être #Application
Créée le 06/10/2013


Robotic salad bar in 2M/square. Good meal, simply.

Créée le 14/11/2019

C'est Frais

C'est Frais is a geolocalized online shopping platform which allows you to choose among a set of products from local merchants (Green grocer, butcher, cheese monger, delicatessen...)

#SMARTFOOD #Local #Delivery
Créée le 13/04/2016


Cassolette is the canteen for companies who don't have a canteen. On an ad hoc or regular basis, a chef comes to the office to cook a healthy and convivial meal, entirely made on site using fresh products and a mobile kitchen.

Créée le 01/08/2018

Chef Bambino

Chef Bambino is a digital platform dedicated to the nutritional education of new generations who created "culinary fables" around seasonal products and creative workshops to create moments of sharing around the "eat-well".

Créée le 30/04/2018


CitizenFarm offers a credible alternative to the current food model. We use aquaponics to produce in a healthy, local and impacting way. To do so, we create urban and pedagogical.

#UrbanFarm #Local #Traceability
Créée le 27/07/2014

Clear Karma

“Clear” stands for ‘transparent’ and “Karma” for ‘responsible action’. Clear Karma is an interactive food label for restaurants: Food allergies? Special diet needs (vegetarian, diabetes, Kosher…)? Enjoy eating out and make safer food choices!

Créée le 21/06/2012


Less sugar for more taste and fun ! Comète is the fist brand dedicated to low sugar and organic products. Its nutspread is 30% less sweet than the other ones and its unic taste will pleased both children and parents.

Créée le 12/07/2018


Coqovins is a virtual private sommelier that allows users to find a wine considering its own tastes and consumption context. 

#Vin #IA #ChatBot
Créée le 18/07/2017

Cueillette Urbaine

Cueillette Urbaine is a urban farming specialised company. Our urban farms produce original vegetables and fruits with ecological technics and they clean up the city in addition to create social link. 

#smartfood #urbanagriculture #urbanfarms #shortfoodchannel #Agritech


Datagram uses advanced technologies to extract and process raw data from across the web and turn it into valuable information.  Brands can drive their e-commerce strategy by optimizing their positioning, the conformity of their content and compliance with their pricing policy.

#Smart food #B2B #BigData #BusinessAnalytics #Ecommerce
Créée le 14/03/2013


Digifood is a web and mobile app that creates a new sales channel for all restaurant owners in high-traffic locations such as stadiums.

#SmartFood #Sport #Catering #App #Stadium
Créée le 13/11/2014


Elmut is a premium pet food brand that delivers healthy, fresh and perfectly portioned meals for dog

Créée le 30/01/2018

Emergence Concepts

Emergence concepts assists food-Entrepreneurs and offers the first personal assistant for restaurant owners: Emerg&Cie.

Combining artificial intelligence and human assistant know-how, Emerg&Cie is a unique digital concierge service available 24/7.

#SMARTFOOD #Restoration #Support #Hybrid #IA

Entoma Petfood

Entoma Petfood is a nutritional alternative for sensitive dogs producing and distributing natural snacks and dry food for dogs. Our range of products is 100% natural, grain free, naturally rich in Omega 3-6-9, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly as we use insects (hermetia illucens) as single animal source of proteins

Créée le 23/04/2018


A temp worker for tonight? A recruitment for tomorrow?
Extracadabra is the HR one-stop shop for restaurants & hotels : find in 3 minutes the perfect waiter, bartender, cook etc.. Moreover, we can manage the administrative work for you!

Créée le 28/09/2015


FamilEat is the 1st meal delivery service developed for families in order to help them with everyday diners and with the quality of their alimentation. Meals are fresh, healthy, delivered every week, everywhere in France, and cooked with natural ingredients from France and respecting seasons.

Créée le 31/01/2019


Far is a free app that helps people to find compatible products with their diet while doing groceries.Far recognizes and shows instantly on the screen which products fit the user's diet through Augmented Reality. After having completed his profile in the app, a user just needs to use his smartphone to look at any product in the store instead of reading each notice.

#Allergies #RéalitéAugmentée #ReconnaissanceVisuelle #BigData



FoodMeUp is the first SaaS tool that allows professionals in the restoration business to manage their sourcing, production and supply.


#SmartFood #IoT #Recettes #Data #API
Créée le 30/05/2014

French Cocotte

French Cocotte offers cooking course kits to learn how to cook healthy at home. Each kit, designed around a seasonable topic, contains 3 surprising ingrédients + 1 hand tool + 1 recipes and nutrition book, allowing easy cooking progress.

Créée le 26/02/2015


Gallimaté, the first range of 100% natural drinks made from Mate. Low calorie, they restore all the benefits of mate (vitamins, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants) in subtle and light drinks.


#SMARTFOOD #Drink #Energy #Natural #MadeInFrance #B2B
Créée le 30/05/2017


GoodMix is a turnkey personalized health prevention digital platform at the service of well-being. Starting from the individual nutritional and sports constraints, GoodMix recommends adapted and varied recipes, advice on nutrition and physical activity, follow-up and workshops.

#Smart Food #E-santé #IoT #Big Data #Maladies chroniques
Créée le 31/05/2016


At GOOT we focus on helping to digitalise the procurement for HeReCa. We provide API and apps to the wholesalers, brands or suppliers synchronise theirs ERPs, CRM and end users.

Créée le 13/07/2014


Gula is the first delivery service for Healthy Snacks in Continental Europe. Each month we deliver to our customers a hand-picked selection of snacks composed of nuts, seeds and dried fruits based on their needs and tastes !

#Smart Food #Healthy #Snack #B2C #B2B #E-commerce
Créée le 31/12/2014


Innovorder reinvents the way restaurants do business. We help restaurants to increase their sales, enhance their customers’ experience and monitor their activity by broading the use of control & management tools to every restaurant owners (which was only affordable to large catering chains so far).

#Foodtech #Restauration #Click&collect #Caissetactile #Fidélisation
Créée le 25/09/2014


Inoa is the first 100% natural, balanced and healthy convenient meal in the form of organic crackers

Créée le 27/05/2020


JIMINI’s is born with a main idea: introduce insects into Europeans’ plates. They have diferent ranges of edible insect based products. Whole insects ready-to-eat for the appetizer, energy bars made with dried fruits, cricket flour and almonds, but also insect pastas and granola.

#Smart Food #Innovation #Insects #Agri food
Créée le 08/10/2012


Jubiles provides innovative drinks from fresh, organic and fair trade products. Discover the kombucha, a finely sparkling drink from the fermentation of tea, selled in a French biodegradable packaging.

Créée le 19/07/2017


We offer an online B2B tool that facilitates distribution of local products, made by artisans and small producers. We facilitate all aspects of purchasing management from order taking to online payment management, and soon logistics ...

#SMARTFOOD #FoodTech #Local #Proximity #Catering
Créée le 14/03/2018

L'Atelier du Miel

L'Atelier du Miel aims to revolutionize the way honey is produced and consumed by creating virtuous networks of hosts, beekeepers, and clients - and offering transparency, engagement and impact along the way

#smartfood #flavour #beekeeping #transparency
Créée le 25/10/2018

La Pâtisserie Numérique

La Patisserie Numerique offers tools and services to invent new sweet creations thanks to digital manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing, digital cutting or folding.



LasTable is a mobile app which allows:- Our community of restaurants to increase their table turnover rate by publishing offers until the very last minute!- Our users to find last-minute deals in high-quality restaurants!Our app is already available in Bordeaux and central Paris.

#Restaurants #BonsPlans #Application #B2B2C
Créée le 30/08/2016

Le Food Market

The Food Market is the first market-canteen in the streets of Paris. Twice a month, it brings together around twenty restaurateurs who share the love of good food and offer specialties for less than 10 €, made with fresh products, to be enjoyed together on large tables.


#Smart Food #Market #Street Canteen #Good Food #Share
Créée le 05/01/2016

Le Paysan Urbain Grand Paris

Le Paysan Urbain build up an agro-ecological and sustainable urban farming model based on microgreens crops, employing people with social and professional difficulties and successfully anchored in his local territory with educational animations and participatories workshops 

#SMARTFOOD #AgricultureUrbaine #Micropousses #insertion #EcologieUrbaine #local
Créée le 21/06/2017

Les Cuistots Migrateurs

We are the very first caterer to employ refugee cooks. Discover our cocktails, buffets and lunch boxes from Syria, Iran, Chechenia, Nepal and Ethiopia and travel through our cuisines. Order from us for events up to 1000 people and impress your guests with an offer 100% new, 100% authentic.

#Smart Food #Social Business #Caterer #Refuge #Homemade

Les Miraculeux

Happiness starts from the inside. At les Miraculeux, we know that the right blend of nutrients can help us stay balanced, energetic and healthy. Our job is to make that easy, fun and affordable.

Créée le 19/02/2019

Les Nouveaux Affineurs

Les Nouveaux Affineurs are taking vegan cheesemaking to the next level!We solve the “ Plants + Science = Cheese ” equation to produce gourmet food with a dramatically reduced environmental footprint.Available soon at traditional cheesemongers' and fine-dining restaurants.

#Foodtech #Fermentation #Vegan #Cheese #Gastronomy
Créée le 20/04/2017

Little Gustave

Little Gustave offers healty food in jar for child between 4 months to 3 years. Subscribe to Little  gustave and you will received healty and savourous food for your child!

Créée le 12/08/2016

Max de Génie

Max de Génie elaborates organic low glycemic baking mixes. Developed without refined ingredients, Max de Génie enables you to concoct in no time gourmet and healthy cake and pastries to delight your taste buds without impacting your health!

Créée le 26/07/2018


Meat B2B is 1st international BtoB online meat trading market.Our marketplace is aimed at agribusiness professionals: mainly between European factories and Asian buyers.

Créée le 27/03/2019

My chef is smart

My Chef Is Smart offers meals adapted to individual's nutritional needs. Our dishes are prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients and then kept dry in order to preserve long-lasting taste. A cost-effective and ready-to-use solution for healthcare institutions, hotels and accommodation facilities ... or any company looking for a new catering offer!

Créée le 09/03/2020

Nos Grands-mères ont du Talent


NGMODT is a takeaway brand that promotes the employment of people over 50 years. We bring up to date dishes as well as our grandmothers did and we sell them in areas of strong flows.

#Smart Food #Senior #Job #Station
Créée le 09/11/2014


Péligourmet is an online short supply chain that allows to shop directly to producers and craftsmen, and to be delivered to point relais or at home.

Créée le 18/08/2016


PHENIX helps professionals reducing waste by raising the potential of their waste. PEHNIX weaves circular economies around its clients thanks to innovative digital applications and 24h/7d operational support.

Créée le 27/04/2014

Planctonid Environnement

Planctonid Environnement is a company specialized in the cultivation of micro-algae at industrial scale. Our biotechnology allow us to clean wastewater and to fix CO2 emission while harvesting a micro-algae biomass with many high-value applications.


Prêt à Pousser

Grow your own food at home with Prêt à Pousser mushrooms kits and smart gardens.

#Smart Food #Agriculture urbaine #IoT #Aromates #Mushrooms
Créée le 24/03/2013


Papilles & Mamies, it's delighting your grandparents' taste buds at home! We cook tasty meals for every day, take the time to share a friendly moment, and we accompany them in the small difficulties of everyday life.


Créée le 04/06/2018

Raisin : natural wine app

Raisin is the only app dedicated to natural wine allowing you to share, find and enjoy natural wine, anywhere! It connects natural wine lovers with over 580 winemakers, showcases more than 20,000 wines and recommends over 2,500 places (bars, shops, restaurants) throughout the world.

Créée le 31/12/2016

Recettes Nomades

Nomad Recipes are social cooking workshops, where you learn with a refugee teacher a new recipe, enjoy your meal and make 60 homeless people enjoy your meal as well.

Créée le 12/12/2018

Smart Farming System

Smart Farming System offers artificial intelligence solutions for urban farmer creators.Its AI helps to control a modular system of vertical production under protected atmosphere.Our vision is to support these famers to optimize their production cycles with a constantly improving solution.

#SMARTFOOD #ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE #urbanagriculture #urbanfarms
Créée le 30/06/2018


SmartDiet offers nutritional support online by a food education program, delivered by qualified nutritionist, enhanced by connected objects
#Santé #Nutrition #Digital
Créée le 26/10/2016


Our tasty cereal-based meal-shakes propose a nutritionally complete solution at any time of the day (breakfast, snacks, meals). All ready within the time of a blink ;) With our products, sportive people can eat healthily and quickly. We offer 6 flavors, sweet or salty, to maximize the pleasure.

#SMARTFOOD #Nutrition #Pleasur #Practicality
Créée le 06/04/2016

Snack and Co

Snack and Co is the first concept of smart automated restoration in the French market. Restoration: provide complete and balanced meals with hot dishes. Automated: autonomous space 24h / 7days, Automatisé : espace autonome 24h/7jrs. Intelligent: connected automatic vending, real time monitoring and user tracking.

#Smart Food #Restoration #Automated #B2B
Créée le 30/04/2013


Snapshift is a Saas HR solution for the restaurant and hospitality industries : online scheduling, attendance tracking, payroll preparation and time-offs management are automated and interlinked, saving time and money.

#Smart Food #SaaS #Gestion
Créée le 18/02/2016

Maison Tumulte

Maison Tumulte offers edible tableware made from spent grain, a co-product from the beer production. It is an eco-friendly alternative to disposable tableware, reducing out-of-home catering waste's sector.

Créée le 01/07/2020


Supernature reinvents broth and develops a range of tasty, natural and healthy superfoods that optimize the performance of the body and the brain, to enable you to live better and longer.



Supli is the first platform that modernizes and simplifies the sale, preparation and delivery of food products from catering suppliers.We enable them to manage their customers, catalogs and orders on a single platformOur goal is to save time, money of food distributors: within a few minutes they make their products available online for their customers and can sell them safely to new partners. It's intuitive and professional.

#Foodtech #B2B #SAAS
Créée le 01/03/2017


Tassiopée is a French start-up that makes edible containers. The first range of products is based on the concept of a delicious and natural biscuit in the form of a cup, with an inside chocolate coating. The cup resists to heat and humidity and is perfect to serve hot drinks.

#SMARTFOOD #Gourmand #playful #environmentallyfriendly
Créée le 16/03/2016


Tiptoque was born based on the finding that the current catering proposition for corporate lunchs and events is unacceptable and expensive whereas restaurants are creative, working with local products and have a savoir-faire.Following this finding, we help bistronomic chefs to become the best caterers on the market in order to provide to corporate customers the best offer.To make this possible, we provide to the chefs, a packaging, a delivery logistic and customer care.So now, there are no excuses to eat low quality and expensive food during corporate lunchs and events.

#Traiteur #Plateaux #Repas #Innovant #B2B
Créée le 10/09/2015

Too Good To Go France

Too Good To Go fight foodwaste by connecting food handlers and app users to collect their food surplus at the end of the day. The shops do not throw away and get new customers and the users enjoy cheap and good food while saving the environment.

#Smart Food #Foodwaste #win-win #Application #Environment
Créée le 02/06/2016


Discover traQ'food®, the first application which help you to manage your health control plan and be in compliance with the regulations in force.

Créée le 11/07/2018

Ventrus avec vue

The first zero impact nomadic farm-to-table restaurant . A unique architecture, breathtaking views and chefs in residence for a new restaurant experience.

Créée le 22/05/2019


EATS is revolutionizing the way to take order in restaurants by offering a "connected app" directly in the consumer's smartphone. No more waiting time to order or pay the bill !

Créée le 25/01/2019

Wuji & Co

Wuji and Co supports companies and laboratories in the development of new food products. We have developed a process for manufacturing and preserving nutritional food preparations from raw food. Thanks to the use of sustainable resources and the deployment of new technologies, we support innovation in a sustainable way.


Créée le 02/03/2016


Zelty is a suite of connected solutions that allows independent restaurateurs and franchise networks to digitize their points of sale from order taking to production and management.

#SMARTFOOD #Gestion #E-Commerce #POS
Créée le 16/02/2015