Smart Food Paris

An innovation platform right at the heart of food-related issues

Deliberations about food in the future, such as production, consumption and waste management, are overhauling conventional models used by industry players to develop their business. The subject of food is central to numerous challenges that we must address over the next fifty years.

Among these, new social and environmental challenges, mounting urban development and digital technology in our societies, are drastically changing food consumption patterns. Consumer mobility and the immediacy of needs and quality of service provided are challenges that must be met by those working in the sector. All professionals in the industry, from producers, distributors to restaurant-owners, are affected by these changes in society. Using innovation as a lever to turn these changes into opportunities to eat better, is key to this start-up business incubator.

As a result, Paris&Co and its eight founding partners have created the Smart Food Paris innovation platform to gather start-up companies, large firms, organisations, experts and regions around the common challenge of innovation. The platform takes the form of a start-up company incubator (located in the 20th Arrondissement of Paris), which encourages each partner to be part of an open innovation process, to share and experiment and accelerate.


Our goals

• encourage Parisian startups innovate in the sector

• Maximise opportunities for exchanges between these start-up companies, food manufacturers, retailers and craft food producers, to reduce the distance between different professional occupations .

• Bolster an innovation culture in gastronomy, food manufacturing, catering and support the growth of this economic sector that has historically generated jobs in France and in the city of Paris.

•  Find a rapid technological solutions to problems faced by professionals, craft workers and manufacturers

• Make Paris the global capital of innovation in the "food and technology" segment

"Smart Food Paris is a new innovation platform intended to become a yardstick in innovation in the food industry and help develop new trends and taste future success."

Olivia POLSKI, Deputy Mayor of Paris, responsible for trade, crafts, self-employed and independent professions.

Jean-Louis MISSIKA, Deputy Mayor of Paris, responsible for urban development, architecture, "Grand Paris" projects, economic development and attractiveness.

Qui est Paris&Co?

Smart Food Paris  is the food innovation platform of Paris&Co, the economic development and innovation agency of Paris. Paris&Co currently supports more than 300 startups, organizes nearly 330 events annually, and has conducted more than 200 experimentation trials since its creation.