Who can apply?

The eligibility criteria for our programme are: 

  • Being a young and innovative company founded less than 5 years ago (legal entities or in the process of being set up); 
  • Having a strong business development potential
  • Being in development phase or with a first distributed product/service

Some examples of products and services: improvement of customer experience, new uses of consumption in mobility, health and food wellness, innovative tools or services of operational management of a sector player, use and analysis of data...

How to apply:

Step 1: Submission of application

All you have to do is create an account on the Agorize platform and fill in the application form with a business plan or an executive summary.

During a call for applications, other complementary documents may be requested (administrative documents).

Step 2: Pre-selection and study of the file

Your application will be reviewed by the Smart Food Paris team as well as by the platform partners.

Step 3: Switch to selection committee

You will present your project at a selection committee composed of:

- partners of the platform;

- external experts (entrepreneurs, financers, business experts ...);

- a member of Paris & Co.

The application process, from filing to selection committee, can take up to 3 months and guarantees total confidentiality. Integration within the incubator is based on the available places in our premises located 80 rue des haies, 75020 Paris.

The following criteria will be assessed for every case :

  • The innovation brought by the project/product/service
  • The business development potential of the company
  • The business plan’s credibility and soundness
  • The match between the project and our corporate strategic goals
  • The quality of the team and its complementarity in business
  • The desire/commitment to rent workspace (closed offices or coworking spaces) inside Le Swave’s building


Our selection process is fair and objective. Each file is submitted to the appreciation of various trades and partners, each representative on the selection committee having one voice without exception. The favorable or negative outcome of the committee will depend on the number of votes won in the jury. At the end of this process, 10% of the applicants on average are actually integrated.

Join the 113 startups present at Smart Food Paris as well as the 500 young companies currently supported by Paris & Co.